Since 1987, SINOX® SCR catalysts have decomposed millions of tonnes of nitrogen oxides from 300kW to 20MW engines burning a variety of fuels, and all our COMPACTSCR™ and our conventional SCR systems exclusively use our SINOX SCR catalyst. The single lift COMPACTSCR system is a factory assembled module that is pre-piped and pre-wired, and can be set directly in place upon delivery. This allows for rapid installation. The conventional SCR systems are comprised of a few major components which are shipped loose for final assembly at the destination. This flexibility allows a variety of installation configurations to fit within a unique space.

Both types of SCR systems provide the same high level of performance and reliability, and can be used with a variety of engine fuels. When combined with our oxidation catalyst or ammonia slip catalyst, both systems will reduce NOx, CO, hydrocarbon and ammonia emissions. Both systems include the same robust urea dosing control panel containing the PLC/HMI and the urea dosing pump; all of which are factory tested prior to shipment. The COMPACTSCR system includes an integrated silencer providing exhaust noise attenuation of 30-35 dBA, whereas the conventional SCR system reduces exhaust noise by 15-20 dBA. Additional attenuation can be added to both types of systems.


Typical COMPACTSCR or conventional SCR performance with optional oxidation catalyst

Percent reduction 
NOx  85% to 95% 
CO   70% to 98% 
NMHC   70% to 95%