Quickly expand your enzyme screening portfolio with Cataplatta, our pre-loaded 96-well plates that are customised to your needs and work directly with your existing high throughput equipment.

The Cataplatta enzymes have been selected for their great activity on an extensive selection of substrates and over a wide range of pH, accommodating the different synthetic needs of our customers.

Our Cataplatta offering includes: 


Description Product Code  Application
Alcohol Dehydrogenase Cataplatta  EZC001 Reduction of ketones and aldehydes to the corresponding alcohol
Transaminase Cataplatta  EZC002 Formal reductive amination of ketones to the corresponding
(R)- or (S)-amine
Ene Reductase Cataplatta  EZC003 Reduction of C=C double bonds in the presence of an electron
withdrawing group
Imine Reductase Cataplatta  EZC004 Reduction of imines to amines and the reductive amination of carbonyl to primary or secondary amines


Each Cataplatta is supplied with a product guide containing all the information needed to work with our enzymes, including:

  • Kit description
  • Application examples
  • Reaction setup and work up
  • Useful tips and cofactor regeneration recommendations


Our team of experts will help you find the best solution and assist you with any aspects of using our Cataplatta successfully in your lab. Please contact us for more information.

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