We offer a range of high quality platinum group metal (pgm) tube used in industrial and jewellery applications. Whether it is manufactured through our proprietary extrusion process or precision drawn by our expert engineers, we can provide a solution tailored to your needs.

Our tubes are available in a range of materials, diameters, shapes and wall thicknesses. We offer precision cut, burr free thin walled tubes in addition to eddy current and pressure testing to ensure tube integrity.


Typical metals and alloys:

  • Platinum (up to 99.998%)
  • Palladium (up to 99.99%)
  • Gold (up to 99.9985%)
  • 5-30% rhodium/platinum
  • 5-30% iridium/platinum
  • Platinum/zirconia (ZGS platinum)
  • 10% rhodium/platinum/zirconia
  • Silver/palladium (various alloys)

All of our tubes are available with outside diameters of 0.3-30.0mm, with some available down to 0.1mm. The maximum length is 3.5m, depending on weight restrictions and wall thickness. We offer a choice of round, oval or square profiles.

Tube for jewellery applications

Our ring-sized platinum tubing offers wedding band manufacturers the flexibility to cut, stretch, shrink, weld and work wedding bands and blanks. These are made to your exact specification.

This flexibility comes from our proprietary extrusion process of tube, as opposed to die-striking, which has been developed by our metallurgists over many years to produce reliable products. It also allows us to consistently provide tube with no porosity and a homogeneous grain structure that can withstand the heaviest hot and cold work. Alternatively, we can provide the tube hard drawn if preferred.

Our outstanding manufacturing process control means that thin walled platinum alloy tubing for stone setting and fine hand work is also available. Visit our jewellery page to learn more about platinum jewellery products including casting grain or shot, chopped rod, pellets, wire, sheet and plate.   

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