We’re committed to supporting the sustainable development of our communities and addressing the climate crisis.

We have a duty to the local communities where we live and work and recognise the important role our colleagues play in building positive links in our communities. We give to local good causes and non-profits, not only through funding, but with our time and expertise.

Through these activities, we aim to strengthen the communities surrounding our sites, by contributing to their long-term resilience and sustainability, and removing barriers to STEM education. Our global flagship programme, Science and Me, is just one of the ways we invest in our communities.

We believe that science, and the work of STEM professionals, is key to tackling the big challenges facing the world, to protect people and the planet. To enable this belief and lean into our strengths as a business, we’re aiming for 50% of our annual community investment to align to two pillars:

  • Science for a sustainable future: with the objective of reducing the barriers to young people entering and staying in STEM education and opportunities.
  • Sustainable communities: with the objective of building a positive legacy in our communities by contributing to green initiatives and bio-diversity projects locally.

What is Science and Me?


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