2021/22 performance


sales from products contributing
to priority UN SDGs

2021/22 performance


R&D spend assigned to priority UN SDGs

We use our expertise in platinum group metal (PGM) chemistry, catalysis and process design to research, design and make products, services and solutions that support our vision for a cleaner, healthier world. From automotive catalysts that prevent harmful pollutants entering the atmosphere, to catalysts that help turn household waste into sustainable fuels, and from technologies that help make clean hydrogen to world-class recycling skills that help recover and reuse scarce precious metals. And we use our science and innovation skills to maintain a pipeline of new and improved products that will help the world accelerate towards net zero.

This year, we set important new 2030 targets to measure how much our products benefit society as they address global greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, and to advance the circular economy as we increase the amount of recycled PGMs in our technologies.


Performance 2021/22

Our goal

2030 target

Performance in 2021/22

Produce and innovate for a cleaner, healthier world

More than 95% of sales contributing to four priority UN SDGs


More than 95% of R&D spend supporting four priority UN SDGs


Drive lower global

greenhouse gas (GHG)


50 million tonnes of GHG emissions avoided per year using technologies enabled by JM’s products and solutions, compared to conventional offerings

489,000 tonnes

Enable less harmful air

pollution globally

700,000 additional tonnes of NOx removed from vehicle tailpipes per year using technologies enabled by JM’s products, compared to regulated baseline levels

63,000 tonnes

Conserve scarce


Increase recycled PGM content in JM’s manufactured products to at least 75%

71 %

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