Johnson Matthey partners with Diffusion Alloys to boost supply chain for low carbon hydrogen

Johnson Matthey (JM), a global leader in sustainable technologies, and Diffusion Alloys, a specialist diffusion coatings producer, have joined forces to scale-up production and enable the increasing demand for low carbon hydrogen used to reduce global carbon emissions. 
By partnering, JM and Diffusion Alloys will share their areas of expertise and ensure a robust supply chain for the coated components deployed in JM’s low carbon (blue) hydrogen offering. 
Diffusion Alloys has more than 60 years’ experience providing diffusion coating for hydrogen and other clean energy technologies. The coatings protect the equipment in aggressive operating conditions and prevent metal corrosion. It has embarked on a multi-year strategy to develop its capabilities and capacity globally to meet the supply chain scale up challenge.  
Low carbon (blue) hydrogen is an important growth area for Johnson Matthey. JM’s LCH™ technology enables the production of hydrogen with up to 99% CO₂ capture. The technology has been chosen for several significant projects around the world including H2H Saltend with Linde and Equinor, a 600-megawatt low carbon hydrogen production plant in the Humber, UK; HyNet, a leading UK industrial decarbonisation project; and a large-scale low carbon hydrogen project in North America. 
Diffusion Alloys Managing Director, Lisa Randall, welcomed the partnership praising Johnson Matthey with “foresight in its ambitions in low carbon hydrogen” and a partnership agreement “that will support the translation of the significant increase in demand for low carbon hydrogen into successful deployment.”  
Dr Phil Ingram, Business Development Director for JM agreed, adding that, “Diffusion Alloys is the best in the world at what they do. Through this partnership we will combine efforts to meet increasing demand for low carbon hydrogen technologies. This is another important step along our journey to enabling a net zero future through world class technology.” 

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