At Johnson Matthey, we are support employees living with a mental, physical, or social health condition to thrive at work. We are currently working to fulfil our Valuable 500 commitments in disability inclusion.  

Partnerships and recognition 

JM works with a number of external partners and have signed several initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to disability and neurodiversity inclusion. We continuously look beyond our business to measure ourselves against the high standards set by experts and industry benchmarks so that we can continuously develop and improve.  

Employee Resource Groups


DiversAbility is a voluntary group created to embrace JM’s global diversity strategy. The group exists to support people in JM who have physical, mental, or social health conditions. DiversAbility works to make JM a great place to work with an environment and culture that welcomes and supports individuals living with physical, mental, or social health conditions to maximise the use of their talents.

Key achievements  

Although there is room for progress still to be made, throughout the years JM has already accomplished a tremendous amount when it comes to disability and neurodiversity inclusion.  

Inclusive personal protective equipment (PPE) catalogue

Our procurement team has joined forces with several of our ERGs to ensure colleagues of all genders and with any health conditions can find PPE that they are comfortable in. We have been working closely with our suppliers to get these inclusive catalogue measures in place not only for JM, but as the industry standard. 

Accessibility audits

We are beginning to conduct on-site accessibility audits, starting at our Royston location, to ensure that every one of our JM sites are accessible for visitors and employees of any ability and with any physical health condition.  

IT accessibility

We have partnered with Microsoft to ensure that our technology and IT features are accessible across JM for employees with any type of physical or mental health condition.  

Awareness and education

Our ERGs, ambassadors, and the DI&B team regularly host several educational webinars on various topics relating to disability and neurodiversity inclusion, including a session called “Me, neurodiversity, and how we can be more neuro-inclusive” which explored the broad range of neurodiverse conditions that exist and the many benefits of neurodiverse employees.

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