What does diversity mean to our people?

At Johnson Matthey, Diversity and Inclusion means a lot of things. It's about helping our people be the best that they can be, making sure they are valued and supported, and leveraging their broad range of experiences to the best advantage of our customers, employees and communities.

We asked some of our people what diversity and inclusion means to them.

Yati Varshneya, UK

"Working with people from different backgrounds, with different talents, styles and challenges, we ultimately learn and accept other views. For me, Diversity and Inclusion isn’t about things like gender, age, sex and race, but about valuing each other’s lives, our unique qualities and what is important to them, helping individuals to be the best version of oneself.”

Mikael Larsson, Sweden

"For me diversity and inclusion means using the skills and abilities of all people in the best possible way. A work climate where we welcome the differences to be something positive is the only way we can ensure we recruit the best people for the future."

Amy Chen, USA

"It means everyone has the same chance to be at the table with an equally heard voice."

Debra Thomas, USA

"That we are all different and come from many places around the world with different values, cultures, religions, beliefs and races. However, we should all be treated with respect and equality. Inclusion is not about avoiding diversity, it’s more about creating a space of comfort for you and others to be heard and accepted."