At Johnson Matthey, we champion our colleagues from the LGBTQIA+ community to enhance their wellbeing and performance. We strive to be recognised in global LGBTQIA+ indices.  

Partnerships & recognition 

JM works with a number of external partners and have signed several initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to LGBTQIA+ inclusion. We continuously look beyond our business to measure ourselves against the high standards set by experts and industry benchmarks so that we can continuously develop and improve.  

Employee Resource Groups

Pride in JM

Pride in JM is a voluntary group created to embrace JM’s global diversity strategy. Pride in JM drives an inclusive culture that champions all our LGBT+ employees and enhances their wellbeing and performance at Johnson Matthey. The group exists to create a space where employees can bring their whole selves to work.

Key achievements  

Although there is room for progress still to be made, throughout the years JM has already accomplished a tremendous amount when it comes to LGBTQIA+ inclusion.  

Reverse Mentoring Programme

Through the Reverse Mentoring Programme, LGBT+ employees at JM are paired with a company leader to share their unique experiences. It aims to broaden the perspectives of leaders at JM as to what certain marginalised communities experience, while also giving a voice to LGBT+ employees.  

Transitioning at work guidance

As part of a global review of policies and benefits to ensure maximum inclusivity, Pride in JM implemented transitioning at work guidance aimed at supporting any transgender colleagues as they transition in the workplace.  

Stonewall UK

Our second application to Stonewall UK (an organisation dedicated to advancing the freedom, equity, and potential of the LGBT+ community) saw JM's equality index score increase by a massive 350%, showcasing our commitment to advancing inclusion for our LGBT+ employees.  

Inclusive personal protective equipment (PPE) catalogue

Our procurement team has joined forces with several of our ERGs to ensure male, female, trans, and non-binary colleagues alike can find PPE that they are comfortable in. We have been working closely with our suppliers to get these inclusive catalogue measures in place not only for JM, but as the industry standard. 

Role models and allies

Pride in JM launched their Role Models & Allies initiative to showcase some of the amazing role models and allies of the LGBT+ community that we have in JM. All of these interviews are published internally, but you can read our CEO, Liam Condon’s interview here.  

London Pride

A group of people posing for a photoDescription automatically generatedJM and several employees from around the world proudly marched in the London Pride Parade to celebrate and show our support for the LGBT+ community. 


Pride Month

A group of people posing for a photoDescription automatically generatedJM sites all around the world took time to celebrate Pride Month, a global moment of inclusion for the LGBT+ community.  


Awareness and education

Our ERGs, ambassadors, and the DI&B team regularly host several educational webinars on various topics relating to LGBTQIA+ inclusion, including “The Making of Me” with trans-activist Joanne Lockwood, and a session on how to use your privilege as a superpower.

Community Investment

Pride in JM made a charitable donation to the following organisations:  

  • The Kite Trust, which works to support the wellbeing and creativity of LGBTQ+ young people in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, and surrounding areas.
  • The Attic Youth Centre, an organisation that works to create opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth to develop into health, civic-minded adults within a safe and supportive community and to promote the acceptance of LGBTQ youth in society.

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