Conventional (grey) hydrogen

Conventional hydrogen production is an essential component of many industrial processes and the growth in this industry is driven by a number of global changes. For some, such as industrial gas companies, hydrogen gas is a product, whilst for others, such as oil refineries, it is an important utility. On downstream chemical plants it is a critical feedstock in polymer production and for chemical intermediates such as aldehydes, alcohols, cyclohexane and polyurethanes, as well as various hydrogenation reactions. Hydrogen rich gas is also required in processes such as glass making, direct reduction of metals and Towns Gas manufacture. 

As the need to address climate change has never been more urgent, there's growing momentum in commitments to achieve 'net zero' emissions and limit global warming to 1.5°C. Hydrogen is playing an increasingly vital role as an energy carrier and transport fuel. Decarbonising existing conventional hydrogen plants and new carbon captured enabled hydrogen production at scale is essential to meet the increase in demand for hydrogen and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to achieve net zero. 

Hydrogen catalysts

Johnson Matthey is the supplier of catalysts for hydrogen production via steam reforming for conventional (grey) and carbon capture enabled (blue) hydrogen processes. Our KATALCO product range is suitable for hydrogen production using a range of feedstocks, from natural gas and refinery off-gas to LPG and naphthas.

Our broad portfolio of products allows selection of the optimal high-performance catalysts for maximising production, improve energy efficiency allowing for lower use of natural resources and reducing emissions to the atmosphere. These high-quality products enable confident operation to meet long turnaround cycles and resist the impact of plant upsets. 


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