Hydrogenation catalysts

Johnson Matthey offers a range of hydrogenation catalysts through its HTC™, PRICAT™ and SPONGE METAL™ catalyst brands.

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Using both precious and base metals, the application of these catalysts for biorenewables, petrochemical and oleochemical manufacture include:

  • Full and selective aldehyde hydrogenation for oxo-alcohol production
  • Olefin purification through selective hydrogenation
    • acetylene removal from ethylene
    • methyl acetylene / propadiene removal from propylene
    • C4 upgrading
    • C5 processing
    • Pygas stabilisation - removal of dienes and reactive olefins
  • Liquid phase slurry hydrogenation of nitrobenzene to aniline
  • Removal of aromatic and olefinic species from solvent streams
  • Acetone and phenol hydrogenation plus polishing duties and adiponitrile hydrogenation in caprolactam manufacture
  • Upgrading of biorenewables
  • Hydrogenation of anthraquinone in hydrogen peroxide production
  • Nitrile hydrogenation for specialty amines
  • Fluorochemical manufacture
  • Fats and oils production
  • Selective hydrogenation for fatty acids in oleochemicals
  • Polyol production.

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