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Cleaner air

1/3 cars

One in every three new cars carries an emission control catalyst from Johnson Matthey. That's millions of cars. Our catalysts stop around 20 million tonnes of pollutants in their tracks every year - a breath of fresh air for people all over the world.

A lasting legacy

20 million tonnes

of pollutants removed from the air each year

Finding the remedy

Relieving symptoms


of symptoms relieved each year

Active pharmaceutical ingredients are the constituents of pills and other medications that do all the work, whether it's attacking cancer cells, regulating a heartbeat or combating severe pain.

Our chemistry helps relieve symptoms in millions of people each year.

Recycling rare elements

The more platinum group metals (pgms) we can reuse, the less we need to take from the earth. So we've developed highly advanced processes for extracting and separating pgms from products. In fact, we recycle enough platinum and palladium in a year to make millions of autocatalysts.

PGM specialism


- the purity we can recycle platinum to