Johnson Matthey joins the Hydrogen Council as steering member

We’ve united with the Hydrogen Council, joining other leading companies that invest along the hydrogen value chain, to support the transition into an evolving hydrogen economy.

Today Johnson Matthey announced its affiliation with the Hydrogen Council, the largest industry-led effort seeking to develop the hydrogen economy. Joining a host of energy, transport and industry companies that share the same vision, we become one of 14 additional members to back the initiative. Eight of these members, including Johnson Matthey, join the group at steering member level.

Hydrogen has the potential to play a significant role in the energy transition. Hydrogen’s high energy density and the fact it allows the clean, long-term storage and transportation of large volumes of energy, make it a viable option in a low carbon society.

Tougher legislation, climate change and an increasing demand for sustainable solutions are accelerating investment in the commercialisation of hydrogen solutions. As such, the Hydrogen Council and its members share the ambition that hydrogen will enable many of the new energy demands that will emerge over the coming decades.

On joining the effort, JM’s Chief Executive, Robert MacLeod said: “As a leader in science that makes the world cleaner and healthier, our commitment to developing leading hydrogen technologies as enablers for the future energy mix is long-standing. It is based on decades of R&D and commercialisation of new technologies plus a thorough understanding of their applications, which gives us confidence in hydrogen’s viability and competitiveness.

“We believe the Hydrogen Council has an important role in developing the economic, commercial, industrial opportunities for hydrogen and supporting global policy change.”

Since launching in January 2017 at the World Economic Forum, the initiative has more than quadrupled in size and now boasts 53 members from 11 countries.

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