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Hydroformylation catalyst

Johnson Matthey offers a complete range of rhodium compound catalysts for the hydroformylation reaction, including rhodium chloride, rhodium acetate or the original Wilkinson catalyst RhCl(PPh3)3.


ZSM additives

When propylene demand is high, Johnson Matthey’s ZSM-5 based additives are highly selective for cracking low octane gasoline range molecules to C3 and C4 olefins with no increase in coke or C2 and lighter gases.


Solvent purification

For more than 20 years, many customers worldwide have successfully used HTC™ in solvents, fuels, white oils, waxes and other similar applications for de-aromatisation, desulphurisation and removal of undesirable and/or toxic aromatic and olefinic species from solvent streams using hydrogenation.


Water gas shift catalysts

The water gas shift reaction converts carbon monoxide and water to carbon dioxide and hydrogen.