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Johnson Matthey manufactures and offers a cobalt based Fischer-Tropsch catalyst. Our extensive experience in catalysts and catalyst manufacture makes Johnson Matthey the ideal partner to manufacture your proprietary Fischer-Tropsch and other catalysts.


Ammonia synthesis catalysts

Johnson Matthey supplies both un-reduced and pre-reduced ammonia synthesis catalysts, based on more than 80 years' operating experience with ICI.


Hydroformylation technology

Hydroformylation is the process by which an olefin (alkene) reacts with syngas (CO and H2) to form an aldehyde. Also commonly known as the “Oxo” process, hydroformylation is the first step in the production of oxo alcohols with the intermediate aldehyde converted to an alcohol by hydrogenation.


Acetylene conversion catalysts

We offer catalysts for selective hydrogenation, for both ethylene plant configurations: front-end and tail-end.