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Olefin purification catalysts

We can provide a full range of products to ensure an economic purification solution.


Mercury removal absorbents

Johnson Matthey is the market leader in the production of mercury removal adsorbents for the gas processing industry. Our PURASPEC range of adsorbents is tailored for effective and complete mercury removal from hydrocarbon streams.


Arsine removal absorbents

The PURASPEC product range contains a specially designed absorbent which is selective for the removal of arsine from natural gas streams. PURASPEC material is proven in the field for the last 15 years for arsine removal from natural gas streams.


Getters absorbents

PROTELEC getter materials are used to ensure a hermetic (sealed) environment is available within electronics packages such as source lasers, gyroscopes, microwaves and medical packaging, to prevent premature device failure.