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EASY-FLO products

EASY-FLO™ products are general-purpose silver brazing fluxes. They can be used on the common engineering metals including copper, copper alloys, nickel alloys, steel, stainless steel and tungsten carbide.


STOP-FLO brazing products

STOP-FLO™ No.1 and STOP-FLO No.2 are two stop-off or ‘parting’ compounds formulated to prevent the flow and wetting of molten brazing filler metal across the surface of a component during the brazing process.


Copper brazing filler metal

The ARGENTEL™ range of products are designed for the brazing of steel or copper components and also for brazing steel to tungsten carbide in tooling applications.


Soft solders

See our range of lead-free, silver-lead, tin-lead and low-melting indium soft solders.