Ammonia cracking catalysts

Contact us and explore solutions for your ammonia cracking needs. To learn more about the role of Johnson Matthey's catalysts and licensed process technology in ammonia cracking, read the white paper: Making and breaking NH₃ – Ammonia and its place in the low carbon economy.


High temperature ammonia cracking catalysts

  • A nickel-based ammonia cracking catalyst that has been supplied to ammonia cracking applications for over 50 years. It is a highly active catalyst that typically operates in the range 700 - 950°C, giving high hydrogen recovery due to the low residual ammonia levels at this temperature range

KATALCO™ 27-612

Low temperature ammonia cracking catalysts
  • A commercially available pgm-based ammonia cracking catalyst, developed in response to the market need of ammonia cracking at low temperatures. This catalyst typically operates in the range 450 – 500°C, substantially extending the available operating range for ammonia cracking applications. The overall economics of a low temperature application will be a balance between the savings associated with lower temperature operation and the increased catalyst costs for pgm-based catalysts.

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Ammonia cracking is the process by which ammonia is decomposed towards hydrogen and nitrogen over a catalyst (based on base or pgm metals). It's typically used in applications where hydrogen is needed as either an energy source or fuel for downstream manufacturing processes.

Johnson Matthey supplies ammonia cracking catalysts, suitable for use over a wide range of temperatures. Both types of catalyst can be manufactured in a range of sizes and give dependable, long and active lifetimes. Our experience is based on more than 50 years of operating experience in cracking applications.

Along with dedicated technical service, we offer licensed technology to support clean ammonia cracking.

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