Partnering with KBR under a global strategic alliance, we license a ground-breaking ammonia-methanol co-production solution which combines our market leading technologies: Johnson Matthey’s PRIMARY METHANOL process and KBR’s 1PURIFIER™ ammonia technology. Both technologies have well-earned reputations for production reliability and showcase JM’s and KBR’s heritage, deep experience, and high performance.

The collaboration enables us to offer a single licensor package which makes the most of the synergies between the two process and avoids the duplication of equipment, achieving minimised CAPEX, OPEX and carbon footprint. The solution also delivers production flexibility, enabling our clients to adjust the methanol/ammonia production ratio to meet fluctuating market demands.

The PRIMARY METHANOL process uses Johnson Matthey’s well proven, high-efficiency methanol synthesis loop which enables sustained, high conversion and production rate through catalyst life, minimising the natural gas requirements and reducing the size and cost of the more expensive up-stream equipment items. 


1PURIFIERTM is a registered trademark of Kellogg Brown & Root LLC

Our methanol and ammonia co-production process delivers:
  • Single licensor package by the global leading methanol and ammonia technology providers
  • Shared equipment, resulting in reduced CAPEX and plot area
  • Higher efficiency than two independent processes, resulting in reduced natural gas consumption, utility requirements and direct CO2 emissions.
  • Two proven and bankable technologies with world-class reliability
  • Adjustable production – up to 6,800 MTD of total product

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