Our well-established PRIMARY METHANOL process is an oxygen-free solution based on the use of a steam methane reformer (SMR). It is the technology of choice when the feedstock has a high CO2 content or a source of CO2 import is available, delivering up to 5,600 MTPD of methanol in a single train without an air separation unit.

As the industry leader in steam-methane reforming, Johnson Matthey is the only licensor with extensive, demonstrated experience designing and commissioning SMRs for large-scale methanol production.

Our top-fired reformers are some of the most thermally efficient in the world, and thanks to our unrivalled reforming expertise and know-how, our clients achieve the best operating performance and highest on-stream times.

The PRIMARY METHANOL process uses Johnson Matthey’s well proven, high-efficiency methanol synthesis loop which enables sustained, high conversion and production rate through catalyst life, minimising the natural gas requirements and reducing the size and cost of the more expensive up-stream equipment items. 


Our PRIMARY METHANOL™ process delivers:
  • Well proven at large scale: over 50 SMRs commissioned producing up to 5,000 MTD of methanol per train.
  • Sustained methanol production through catalyst life.
  • Highest uptimes in the market.
  • No proprietary equipment required other than the converter distributor.
  • Safer operation without any oxygen handling.

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