Fatty amines catalysts


Slurry phase hydrogenation of fatty nitriles to fatty amines, aldehydes and ketones to the corresponding alcohols, aromatics to cycloaliphatics or nitroaromatics to the respective aniline derivatives.

AMCAT™ and SPONGE METAL™ catalysts

Hydrogenation of fatty nitriles to fatty amines can be done with our SPONGE METAL catalysts (either nickel or cobalt based).

These catalysts are prepared from alloys of nickel (or cobalt) and aluminium. The aluminium is leached from the alloy structure, leaving behind an active metal surface covered or saturated with adsorbed hydrogen. The activated catalysts are stored under water to protect them from oxidation. SPONGE METAL catalysts are in fully active form when shipped and require no preactivation prior to use.

Our proprietary AMCAT catalysts are activated SPONGE METAL encapsulated catalysts in which water has been displaced by an aliphatic amine. They offer unique handling and safety properties, as well as being highly effective catalysts. AMCAT catalysts provide plant operations with the following benefits:

  • non-pyrophoric
  • non-dusting
  • easy to weigh
  • no water added to process
  • no preactivation

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