Monoethylene glycol (MEG) process

Johnson Matthey now offer a new DAVY™ MEG licensed process in partnership with Eastman.

MEG is the most common industrial diol which is used in manufacture of polyes­ter fibre, fabrics and polyethylene tereph­thalate (PET) resin used for production of plastic bottles. Other industrial uses are as a coolant, heat transfer agent, antifreeze and a hydrate inhibitor in gas pipelines. Current worldwide consumption of MEG is approximately 30 million tonnes per year and has grown by over 5% each year during the last decade.

Our new process using proprietary catalyst developed by Johnson Matthey and East­man enables the production of MEG from methanol via formaldehyde. This offers a unique and exciting opportunity for methanol and/or formaldehyde pro­ducers who are interested in diversifying their product slate.

The key feedstocks are formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and hydrogen and besides MEG, the process produces a small amount of valuable di­ethylene glycol (DEG).

This new technology has been devel­oped in our Global Research & Development Centre and demonstrated in mini-plants which are designed, constructed and operated by highly skilled and experienced profession­als.

Comprehensive data collection from long-term operation of the mini-plants has enabled us to develop the design for com­mercial scale plants with MEG production capacity ranging from 200,000 to 500,000 tonnes/year.

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