DPFi DPF with electrical regeneration

The DPFi™ electrically regenerated diesel particulate filter reduces diesel particle number up to 99+% for a cleaner and healthier mining environment.  

We developed our DPFi technology for mining vehicles and equipment within the power range of up to 150 kW where the temperature is insufficient for a standard DPF system. In addition, this system does not generate any NO2 gas and can be used on vehicles with very low average exhaust temperatures (<200°C).  


DPFi features: 

  • Reduces particle number by up to 99+% 
  • Electronic filter monitoring ensures regeneration 
  • Service-friendly modular design with quick-release fasteners 
  • Available with on-board or off-board control system 


Your Value: 

  • Regeneration independent of exhaust gas temperature 
  • Replaces OEM muffler on many light-duty vehicles 
  • Does not add NO2 to the mine 
  • Eliminates constant filter removal for cleaning 



  • Underground mining 
  • Closed-room environments  
  • On-road and off-road vehicles 


Certificates and verifications:

  • Swiss VERT 
  • TBG (Technology Participation Society) 
  • TRGS554 (Technical Regulations for Dangerous Substances) 
  • EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) 
  • UL listed 

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