Catalogue Number: AmDH-3

Ketones with aromatic moieties can be transformed into the corresponding amine by amine dehydrogenase (AmDHs). The best enzyme for the transformation of choice might vary depending on the length of the aliphatic chain between the ketone and the aromatic group. In addition, small aliphatic amines are also a substrate for AmDHs. Our AmDHs are engineered enzymes stemming from amino acid dehydrogenases, where two or more mutations in the active site have enabled them to catalyse a wider range of transformations.

AmDHs need a cofactor (NAD+) for catalysing the reaction. To be able to use this cofactor in catalytic amounts, the oxidised cofactor has to be continuously reduced, this is called cofactor regeneration. Glucose dehydrogenase (GDH) and its substrate (glucose) are added in the reaction to ensure that the cofactor is readily regenerated to the reduced form.


Amine Dehydrogenase 3


Cofactor Regeneration:

Optimal pH:
9.0 - 10.0

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