Ammonia slip catalyst (ASC)

Johnson Matthey’s ASC technology removes residual ammonia (NH3) from upstream ammonia dosing systems, converting it into nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O).

[NH3 N2 + H2O

Current ASC technologies are also able to convert NOx to nitrogen.

NOX + NH3 → N2 + H2O

Composition: Designed to include oxidation (typically Pd, Pt or Rh) and reduction functions (typically metal zeolite) coated on a flow-through monolith.

Our ammonia slip catalysts…

  • Possess reductive and oxidative functionality, allowing selective conversion of NH3 and NOx
  • Can be zone coated with SCR
  • Are highly durable and selective over a wide temperature window
  • Are fine-tuned to meet customer requirements
  • Help to enable our customers to meet increasingly stringent legislation
  • Are an integral part of a diesel system.

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