Thermocouple wire

Customers trust us to provide accurate and reliable platinum thermocouple wire for temperature measurement applications. We earned that trust by consistently supplying high quality wire and by investing in research and development to provide greater value.

We offer Type R, Type S and Type B platinum thermocouple wire in many diameters, as well as other special alloys or coatings. Our high purity, specially calibrated platinum wire is ideal for measurement of high temperatures by voltage generated at the junction of two dissimilar metals. All thermocouple wire is calibrated to special limits or standard grade in our accredited calibration laboratory, in line with international standards. 

Thermocouple wire
 Wire type Working temperature range (0C) ITS-90 tolerances IEC 584-2 tolerances
 type -leg  +leg  continuous  intermittent MIMS form standard limits  special limits class 1  class 2
 S  Pt  10%Rh/Pt  200-1500  200-1650  200-1300  +/-0.25%  +/-0.1%  +/-0.3%  +/-0.25%
 R  Pt  13%Rh/Pt  200-1500  200-1650  200-1300  +/-0.25%  +/-0.1%  +/-0.3%  +/-0.25%
 B 6%Rh/Pt  30%Rh/Pt  200-1600  200-1750  200-1450  +/-0.5%  +/-0.25%  -  +/-0.25%
  20%Rh/Pt  40%Rh/Pt  200-1700  200-1850  200-1450      8  
 40%Ir/Rh  1000-2100  -  n/a      10  
 Chromel  1-300K  -  n/a        

Our thermocouple express ordering service provides a quick response and supply of the most common wire diameters for Type R, S and B thermocouples wire. Please contact us to request a quote for our wires shown below, or for other special requests.

 Platinum thermocouple wire - common types
JM part no.   Type  Alloy  Diameter (")
19210  R/S  Pt  0.032
 17318  R/S  Pt  0.020
 18702  R/S  Pt  0.016
 18177  R/S  Pt  0.010
 19211  S  PtRh10  0.032
 17449  S  PtRh10  0.020
 19407  S  PtRh10  0.016
 18176  S  PtRh10  0.010
 19325  R  PtRh13  0.032
 17319  R  PtRh13  0.020
 18703  R  PtRh13  0.016
 18458  R  PtRh13  0.010
 19326  B  PtRh6  0.032
 17911  B  PtRh6  0.020
 32009  B  PtRh6  0.016
 33072  B  PtRh6  0.010
 19327  B  PtRh30  0.032
 17909  B  PtRh30  0.020
 32010  B  PtRh30  0.016
 33071  B  PtRh30  0.010

Thermocouple temperature sensors using precious metal wire provides strong resistance to corrosion, thus guaranteeing long service life and reliable measurement accuracy.

Platinum thermocouple wire is the ideal technology for measuring high temperatures up to 1850°C.  Platinum and platinum-rhodium alloys withstand corrosive environments common in the glass, steel, oil & gas, and semiconductor industry. 

Industry Applications for platinum thermocouple wire. 
 Glass Temperature measurement in melting furnaces and casting processes in the glass manufacturing process.  
 Metals  Thermocouples measure temperature in electrically heated furnaces used during melting, casting and hardening process of various metals.
 Energy  Temperature measurement for oil and gas industries.
 Semiconductor  In-situ temperature measurement for diffusion furnaces, crystal growth and epitaxy process for semiconductor and solar wafer fabrication.
 Laboratories  Temperature measurement in calibration and analytical equipment, and small furnaces. 
 Crystal growth  Thermocouples for monitoring of furnaces used for crystal growth and semiconductor wafer production.

We also provide fine diameter calibrated wire for RTD’s, or resistance temperature detectors.  The wire is used as part of a device to accurately and quickly measure high temperatures. These devices can be constructed using various materials including platinum wire or film. RTD platinum wire is wrapped around a ceramic or glass core in a protective tube.  Platinum RTD wire provides long term stable measurement, the largest temperature range and a stable resistance vs temperature profile.

For superior reliability and durability in harsh temperature environments, we recommend  our high strength HTXTM platinum thermocouple wire.  HTX platinum wire is designed for the most demanding applications, such as semiconductor industry wafer processes.    

We also manufacture long length Mineral Insulated Metal Sheathed (MIMS) thermocouples in continuous lengths up to 18 meters.  MIMS platinum thermocouples provide faster response to temperature change and are resistant to chemical and atmospheric environments. 

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