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Margery Ryan Industrial PGM Research & Strategy Manager
16 Nov 2022
Recycling and thrifting: the answer to the iridium question in electrolyser growth

Marge Ryan, JM's Principal Strategy Analyst for PGMs, explains why there will be sufficient supply of iridium to support our hydrogen needs. Read more...

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Mark Danks Commercial Director - low carbon solutions
12 Jul 2022
Recover, renew, reimagine: the path to industrial decarbonisation

Action is needed to slash industrial carbon emissions to help tackle the climate crisis. Mark Danks, Commercial Director - low carbon solutions, highlights some potential technology solutions.. Read more...

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Eugene McKenna Commercial & Strategy Director, Hydrogen Technologies
17 Feb 2023
Electrolyser technologies: do we need a winner?

There’s more than one way to make electrolytic (green) hydrogen, but is there a right way? Eugene McKenna, JM’s Commercial and Strategy Director, reviews current electrolyser technologies. Read more...

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04 Nov 2021
How a circular economy and nanotech save us from a clean energy bottleneck

The transition to clean energy is increasing demand for precious metals. JM experts explain the innovations in nanotechnology and recycling that are enabling a carbon-neutral future. Read more...

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