EPA Tier 4 compliance

Our SCRT® system allows our customers to meet EPA Tier 4 compliance.  

The SCRT system comprises:  

  • Urea-based SCR system  

  • Urea injection system delivers precisely for optimum NOx reduction 

  • Proprietary SCR catalysts (SINOx® catalyst) 

  • Mixing chamber  

  • Integrated silencer  

  • Exhaust stack  

  • CRT® DPF system 

  • CRT technology was developed and patented by JM 

  • Catalyst to regenerate the diesel particulate filter (DPF) 

  • DPF traps the PM in diesel exhaust 

  • Alerts operator when and how to long to regenerate the DPF 


Tier 4 emission rates:


Outlet emission 


0.67 g/kWh (0.50 g/hp-h) 


3.50 g/kWh (2.6 g/hp-h) 


0.19 g/kWh (0.14 g/hp-h) 


0.03 g/kWh (0.022 g/hp-h) 


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