JM’s Chief Executive attends Global Hydrogen Leaders Forum

The Hydrogen Council came together in San Francisco on Thursday for its third annual CEO event to engage with stakeholders and drive large scale commercialisation of hydrogen worldwide.

Following our recent affiliation with the Hydrogen Council, the largest industry-led effort seeking to develop the hydrogen economy, Johnson Matthey was one of 53 energy, transport and industry companies that hosted the ‘Global Hydrogen Leaders Forum’ at Global Climate Action Summit on Thursday.


Held in San Francisco, the forum was the Council’s third annual CEO event, and was attended by JM’s Chief Executive, Robert MacLeod, who said: “Having recently joined the Hydrogen Council, I was delighted to represent JM at the CEO meeting in San Francisco this week. It was especially encouraging to hear that, with government support in many countries, industry is now getting ready for a substantial development in the hydrogen economy.”


The event presented the opportunity for industry leaders to unite and focus on the hydrogen journey and large scale deployment, as well as share thoughts on how hydrogen can power digital innovation.


Robert continued: “It is clear that a substantial increase in the use of hydrogen as a source of energy would make a meaningful contribution in addressing the global climate change challenge. With JM’s technologies, we have an important role to play in this area.


“The Hydrogen Council brings together some of the largest companies in the world that have an interest in the success of the hydrogen economy and it is very exciting for JM to be working together with them towards making both the hydrogen economy, and JM’s vision for a cleaner, healthier world, a reality.”


The Hydrogen Council launched around 18 months ago and in that time, more than 50 other top industry leaders have also become members of the initiative, sharing the same vision to accelerate the energy transition. As one of the Council’s steering members, Robert is confident Johnson Matthey’s involvement will present some great insight for our business moving forward.


“There’s no doubt that hydrogen will be part of our energy mix going forward, but what we don’t know yet is how large a part of the energy transition it could be. Being on the Hydrogen Council will provide much deeper insight for JM’s business on the different global strategies and it will also allow us to forge important alliances and partnerships.”


Yet Robert was also quick to point out that Johnson Matthey will also be able to add great value to the initiative, saying: “JM has a great heritage in catalysts and technologies for the large scale production of hydrogen. With the conversation around carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) now expanded to include hydrogen, we have the technology to enable the TWh of clean hydrogen that will be required to make a difference. And with JM’s investments in fuel cell development, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various technologies and can share our expertise with other Council members.”

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