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Thermocouple wire

Our precious metal thermocouples are internationally renowned for highly accurate and reliable temperature measurement.


Fabrications and iridium crucibles

We're expert manufacturers in iridium and platinum fabrications, producing tailor made products of the highest possible quality.


ACT technology

ACT™ coatings protect ceramics through a thin coating (200-500 µm) of platinum or 10% rhodium/platinum and are Ideal for long runs and limited thermal cycling.


Sheet and foils

Johnson Matthey offer a wide range of Platinum Group Metal (PGM) sheet and foils used in many applications including fine jewellery, sensors, electrical contacts and fabrications for the glass industry.


Mineral insulated metal sheathed (MIMS) thermocouples

Our superior precious metal mineral insulated metal sheathed (MIMS) thermocouples are beneficial in rigorous and harsh conditions.