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Ammonia cracking catalysts

Ammonia cracking is the process by which ammonia is decomposed towards hydrogen and nitrogen over a catalyst (based on base or pgm metals).


Chloride removal absorbents

View Johnson Matthey’s PURASPEC CLEAR chloride absorbents for the oil and gas industry.


Purification by catalytic oxidation

Our PURAVOC™ technology provides a catalytic oxidation solution to remove a broad variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxygen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide from various gas stream sources.


PRECISION Methanol technology

Our PRECISION Methanol process is based on autothermal reforming, and it is the best solution for lighter feedstocks with low levels of CO2 and inert gases. It achieves high natural gas efficiency without the need to import H2, delivering low OPEX, economy of scale and the fastest pay-back time for medium to large methanol capacities.