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Ammonia cracking catalysts

Ammonia cracking is the process by which ammonia is decomposed towards hydrogen and nitrogen over a catalyst (based on base or pgm metals).


Chloride removal absorbents

View Johnson Matthey’s PURASPEC CLEAR chloride absorbents for the oil and gas industry.


Oxidation technology

In terms of organic chemistry, oxidation is defined as a reaction which causes carbon to lose electron density. This can be caused by a carbon atom forming a bond with a more electronegative atom (e.g. oxygen, nitrogen), or breaking a bond with a less electronegative atom (e.g. hydrogen).


Hydrogenolysis technology

Hydrogenolysis is a reaction where hydrogen is added to a compound and breaks that compound’s bonds, forming two molecules as a result. Johnson Matthey's DAVY™ hydrogenolysis technology reacts hydrogen gas (H2) with a vapour-phase carbonyl compound.