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Methanol is an important and highly versatile chemical used to produce hundreds of every-day products which improve our quality of life, such as plywood, paint and adhesives. It is also a clean-burning and safe alternative to conventional fuels and a potential enabler for decarbonization.


Dehydrogenation technology

While various dehydrogenation pathways exist for different compounds, Johnson Matthey's DAVY™ technology focusses on alcohol dehydrogenation to yield an ester product.


NOx reduction FCC additives

Johnson Matthey’s range of NONOX additives are tailored to capitalise on the inherent NOx emission gradients that exist in the regenerator.


Mercury removal absorbents

Johnson Matthey is the market leader in the production of mercury removal adsorbents for the gas processing industry. Our PURASPEC range of adsorbents is tailored for effective and complete mercury removal from hydrocarbon streams.