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FLEXI Methanol technology

Our FLEXI Methanol process is a robust technology for medium to large capacity plants which delivers consistent, high performance and which is used today in the most energy efficient methanol plants in the world.


PRIMARY Methanol technology

Our well-established PRIMARY Methanol process is an oxygen-free solution based on the use of a steam methane reformer (SMR). It is the technology of choice when the feedstock has a high CO2 content or a source of CO2 import is available, delivering up to 5,600 MTPD of methanol in a single train without an air separation unit.


Methanol and ammonia co-production

Partnering with KBR under a global strategic alliance, we license a ground-breaking ammonia-methanol co-production solution which combines our market leading technologies: Johnson Matthey’s PRIMARY Methanol process and KBR’s PURIFIER ammonia technology.



Johnson Matthey's low carbon solutions: Decarbonising the installed asset base with ready-now solutions