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Catalyst enhancement FCC additive

CAT-AID, Johnson Matthey’s catalyst enhancement additive, is designed to overcome many of the shortcomings related to deactivation of base catalyst from metal contaminants such as vanadium, nickel, iron, calcium, sodium, and potassium.


Natural detergent alcohols process

Johnson Matthey has licensed the greatest number of plants worldwide for the production of natural detergent alcohols (NDA), also known as fatty alcohols.


PURACARE service

PURACARE tailored service is designed to take care of all aspects of operation, maintenance and absorbent/catalyst recycling for our global customers in the Gas Processing industry.


Oxidation technology

In terms of organic chemistry, oxidation is defined as a reaction which causes carbon to lose electron density. This can be caused by a carbon atom forming a bond with a more electronegative atom (e.g. oxygen, nitrogen), or breaking a bond with a less electronegative atom (e.g. hydrogen).