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NOx reduction FCC additives

Johnson Matthey’s range of NONOX additives are tailored to capitalise on the inherent NOx emission gradients that exist in the regenerator.


Propylene glycol process

Our DAVY™ glycerol to propylene glycol (GPG) process is a perfect fit for our DAVY biodiesel process as the by-product, glycerol, can be fed to an adjoining GPG plant.


Mercury removal absorbents

Johnson Matthey is the market leader in the production of mercury removal adsorbents for the gas processing industry. Our PURASPEC range of adsorbents is tailored for effective and complete mercury removal from hydrocarbon streams.


CANS novel reactors technology

Johnson Matthey has developed a novel DAVY™ reactor design that provides increased efficiency whilst significantly reducing vessel sizes, equipment count and catalyst volumes.