We provide absorbents and technologies used for the purification of natural gas, hydrocarbon gas and liquefied natural gas.

Our absorbents are used to remove impurities from gas during processing.

Johnson Matthey's PURASPEC absorbents are designed to remove traces of contaminants from natural gas, hydrocarbon gases and liquids. The absorbents target and remove impurities – such as mercury, arsine, hydrogen sulphide and carbonyl sulphide – to non-detectable levels.

The PURASPEC range of absorbents and technologies is used by most of the major and state owned oil companies.

As well as the absorbents themselves we provide a technology package complete with detailed engineering, piping and instrumentation specifications.

The PURASPEC process delivers a wide range of operating benefits including:

  • Low capital purification technology
  • Impurity removal to very low levels
  • Effective low temperature operation
  • Easy retrofitting
  • No feedstock losses
  • High operating flexibility
  • Low pressure drop design
  • Environmentally friendly reprocessing.

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