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With 40+ years of experience, technical expertise and understanding of the science, Johnson Matthey stands by our performance guarantees.

Johnson Matthey’s PURASPEC™ absorbents are the industry choice for longest bed life and toughest duties. PURASPEC technology utilises metal salts specially engineered into robust granules to remove traces of contaminants from hydrocarbon gases and liquids. In particular, these absorbents are designed to remove a range of sulphur compounds, heavy metals and halides.

PURASPEC are made-to-measure absorbent solutions that fit right, feel great and last the distance. They are widely used for natural gas sweetening to meet pipeline or liquefaction specifications and are designed to remove mercury and a range of sulphur compounds – most frequently hydrogen sulphide (H₂S) and carbonyl sulphide (COS). Within an oil refinery, PURASPEC solutions are used to purify hydrocarbon feeds for motor gasoline and aromatics production by removing sulphur and chloride-based impurities.  

PURASPEC high capacities lead to less change-outs and waste, minimising the cost of impurity removal over time. The fixed-bed processes are simple to operate and require low capital outlay. Our latest generation products can extend the bed life or reduce space requirements for the vessel.


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Our customers can depend upon PURASPEC performance to effectively remove impurities, which has already been proven with hundreds of installations worldwide at both onshore and offshore locations.

PURASPEC absorbents are flexible and withstand process upsets. Robust granules maintain stable pressure drop throughout the life of the absorbent allowing for minimal operators’ intervention. Energy use and CO₂ emissions during operation are effectively zero. Where possible, used absorbents are reprocessed and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way using Johnson Matthey’s PURASPEC™ service.

Catalytic oxidation solutions complement Johnson Matthey's absorption offer


Johnson Matthey’s  PURAVOC™ technology provides a catalytic oxidation solution to remove a broad variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxygen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide from various gas stream sources. PURAVOC catalysts can be used in traditional chemical processes and emerging sustainable fuels and energy applications. 

PURAVOC offers a range of platinum group metal (PGM) fixed bed catalysts, utilising our 200+ years expertise in PGM chemistry. They are specially designed to oxidise individual or complex gas impurities to very low levels, at low temperatures compared to thermal processing and with minimal intervention. As a result, PURAVOC can achieve long and dependable bed life at reduced operational expenditure, making this a very economical solution.

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