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Steam reforming catalysts

Steam reforming is the reaction of methane (and other higher hydrocarbons) with steam in the presence of a catalyst to form carbon oxides and hydrogen. Read more on our pre reforming catalysts, primary reforming catalysts and secondary/ATR reforming catalysts.


Choline chloride process

Our DAVY™ choline chloride technology includes a continuous single-stream process in which ethylene oxide, hydrochloric acid, trimethylamine (TMA) are reacted under moderate conditions to produce choline chloride.


Getters absorbents

PROTELEC getter materials are used to ensure a hermetic (sealed) environment is available within electronics packages such as source lasers, gyroscopes, microwaves and medical packaging, to prevent premature device failure.


CO oxidation FCC additives

Combustion promoters are required to ensure smooth regenerator operation, control of afterburning and reduction of CO emissions.