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Other shift catalysts

Medium temperature shift (MTS) and isothermal shift (ITS) catalysts are becoming more common in use.


Dimethyl ether process

DME is an alternative automotive fuel solution and can be used as fuel in diesel engines, gasoline and gas turbines. Johnson Matthey offers the DAVY™ DME process, which uses methanol feed, as an extension to our methanol flowsheet.


Monoethylene glycol (MEG) process

Our new process using proprietary catalyst developed by Johnson Matthey and East­man enables the production of MEG from methanol via formaldehyde. This offers a unique and exciting opportunity for methanol and/or formaldehyde pro­ducers who are interested in diversifying their product slate.


New processes

Expansion of our DAVY™ process portfolio is a key element of our business strategy, and this is accomplished by a combination of in-house developments, acquisition and collaborative programmes.