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Hydroformylation technology

Hydroformylation is the process by which an olefin (alkene) reacts with syngas (CO and H2) to form an aldehyde. Also commonly known as the “Oxo” process, hydroformylation is the first step in the production of oxo alcohols with the intermediate aldehyde converted to an alcohol by hydrogenation.


Diesel particulate filter

Mobile emission controls: a diesel particulate filter (DPF) removes particulate matter from diesel exhaust by physical filtration.


NOx storage catalyst (NSC)

Mobile emission controls: Johnson Matthey’s NSC technology removes NOX from a lean gas stream and converts it to N2.


Amination technology

Amines are compounds derived from ammonia and contain a nitrogen atom with a lone electron pair. Amination is the process by which an amine group is added to an organic compound.