The Fischer-Tropsch (FT) reaction is the name given to the conversion of synthesis gas (a mixture of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen) to hydrocarbons through the influence of elevated temperatures and normal or elevated pressures in the presence of a catalyst.

The use of the FT reaction is an accredited pathway for the production of aviation fuel. As such it is seen as a key technology for the production of sustainable aviation fuel using sustainable feedstocks such as gasified municipal solid waste, waste biomass or unavoidable/ direct air captured carbon dioxide and low carbon hydrogen.

JM have jointly developed the multi-award-winning FT CANSTM technology with bp. This technology combines a high performance catalyst with the revolutionary CANS carriers to provide significant benefits to our customers including:

  • The productivity is greatly increased, meaning that we achieve three times the production for the same reactor size.
  • The tubes are larger diameter reducing the number of tubes required by 95% and thus the weight of the reactor, making the reactor easier to manufacture.
  • The higher productivity and ease of manufacturing the reactor vessels results in estimated cost savings of 50% for the overall  FT process unit.
  • The catalyst performance has been greatly improved such that the amount of catalyst required is reduced by more than 50% and we expect a three-year catalyst life without the need to regenerate the catalyst.

Overall the process efficiency is improved with over 90% conversion of carbon monoxide in a reactant loop which is able to operate with over 50% inert gas concentration.

This technology was selected by Fulcrum Bioenergy for their Sierra biofuels facility which is is expected to process approximately 175,000 tons of MSW feedstock annually, creating 11 million gallons per year of renewable synthetic crude oil, or “syncrude,” that will be processed by Marathon Petroleum into transportation fuel.


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