What is PEM electrolysis?

At the centre of a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis cell is a solid polymer membrane, which is coated with layers of electrodes. With a voltage applied, water is oxidised at the anode to make hydrogen ions, electrons, and oxygen. The hydrogen ions move through the conductive polymer membrane to the cathode, where they are reduced to form hydrogen gas (H2).

Pgms are ideal catalysts for both half reactions in PEM electrolysis. Through their unique combination of catalytic activity and chemical stability, they improve energy efficiency, productivity, and maximise an electrolyser’s lifetime.

Our pgm electrocatalysts show exceptional, sustained performance over the lifetime of the cell. They are optimised to withstand the acidic environment and deliver the high performance required, making them irreplaceable for this application. And with our experience and know-how in electrochemistry and catalysis, we can work with you to develop materials to suit your needs; contact our specialists to discuss your requirements.

OER and HER catalysts

Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) catalysts

The Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) at the anode is the rate determining step of the catalysed electrolysis reaction. For this we offer high activity iridium products, including Iridium black - a durable and high surface area catalyst.

Iridium plays a crucial role in PEM electrolysis and the future hydrogen economy. By using our expertise in both market insight and metal management services, we can help to guide you in securing access to this critical raw material as demand grows.

We also offer platinum plating salts to protect the bipolar plates in the PEM cell.

Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER) catalysts

The acidic environment and strongly oxidising voltage in the PEM electrolyser make our platinum based catalysts the most reliable for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER). Platinum black high surface area (HSA) is a high purity catalyst that is ideal for this reaction at the cathode.

As an industry leader in all aspects of the supply chain, from sourcing and materials science to fabrication and recycling, we are well positioned to offer a balanced and sustainable portfolio of metal supply to meet our customers’ needs.

We also offer platinum plating salts to protect the bipolar plates in the PEM cell.

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