Platinum plating salts

In a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis cell, two bipolar plates surround the membrane and electrodes. These transport water and product gases to and from the membrane, as well as conducting electricity and circulating coolants.

Our plating salts coat vital components of the electrolyser, protecting them from the strongly acidic conditions on the anode side of the PEM electrolysis cell. This minimises contact resistance by preventing oxidation of the bipolar plates and porous transport layers. The deposited platinum coating will extend the lifetime of your electrolyser, reducing degradation whilst maintaining conductivity.

As an acidic electroplating bath, Platinum DNS can plate directly onto base metals, giving a thin coating with stable and consistent results. This makes it ideal for titanium anodes in PEM electrolysers.

As experts in pgm refining we can cleanly and efficiently recover pgms from your electrolysers when the parts reach their end of life, ensuring these precious metals can be used again and again. We can also lend years of expertise in electrochemical plating in protective pgm coatings.

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