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Gold chloride solution (40% w/w Au)

Hydrogen tetrachloroaurate(III) solution | CAS: 16903-35-8


Custom catalysts

Our custom catalyst programmes deliver products suitable for reliable scale up from gram to kilo and kilo to tonne for customers worldwide. This makes us a desirable catalyst partner in today’s chemical industry.


Methanation catalysts

Methanation is the reaction by which carbon oxides and hydrogen are converted to methane and water. The reaction is catalysed by nickel catalysts. In industry, there are two main uses for methanation, to purify synthesis gas (i.e. remove traces of carbon oxides) and to manufacture methane.


Catalyst enhancement FCC additive

CAT-AID, Johnson Matthey’s catalyst enhancement additive, is designed to overcome many of the shortcomings related to deactivation of base catalyst from metal contaminants such as vanadium, nickel, iron, calcium, sodium, and potassium.