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Natural detergent alcohols process

Johnson Matthey has licensed the greatest number of plants worldwide for the production of natural detergent alcohols (NDA), also known as fatty alcohols.


Methanol synthesis catalysts

Methanol synthesis is the formation of methanol from carbon oxides and hydrogen. It is catalysed by copper-zinc catalysts. KATALCO 51-series methanol synthesis catalysts are key to the methanol technologies offered by Johnson Matthey.


FORMOX formaldehyde process

Johnson Matthey license the FORMOX™ formaldehyde process, with plant capacities ranging from 70 MTPD to nearly 840 MTPD. The process enables the production of concentrations up to 55%, which means reduced costs of downstream production, storage and transport.


Low temperature shift catalysts

The latest products in our low temperature shift range combine high activity and poisons resistance with excellent selectivity to give low methanol by-product formation.