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Selective Catalytic Reduction Filter® (SCRF®)

Mobile emission controls: the SCRF® system integrates Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with a soot filter – the next step for diesel nitrogen oxide control.


Oxidation technology

In terms of organic chemistry, oxidation is defined as a reaction which causes carbon to lose electron density. This can be caused by a carbon atom forming a bond with a more electronegative atom (e.g. oxygen, nitrogen), or breaking a bond with a less electronegative atom (e.g. hydrogen).


Hydrogenation technology

Hydrogenation is a key part of the oxo alcohols process for the production of oxo alcohols, where aldehyde produced by hydroformylation or aldolisation is hydrogenated to produce oxo alcohols.


Methanation technology

Our methanation technology, utilising our CRG catalysts , performs the key chemical transformation of syngas into SNG, and ensures the final product is of a suitable quality for injection into gas distribution networks.