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Solvent purification

For more than 20 years, many customers worldwide have successfully used HTC™ in solvents, fuels, white oils, waxes and other similar applications for de-aromatisation, desulphurisation and removal of undesirable and/or toxic aromatic and olefinic species from solvent streams using hydrogenation.


Olefin purification catalysts

We can provide a full range of products to ensure an economic purification solution.


Purification by catalytic oxidation

Our PURAVOC™ technology provides a catalytic oxidation solution to remove a broad variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxygen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide from various gas stream sources.


PURACARE service

PURACARE tailored service is designed to take care of all aspects of operation, maintenance and absorbent/catalyst recycling for our global customers in the Gas Processing industry.