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Dimethyl ether process

DME is an alternative automotive fuel solution and can be used as fuel in diesel engines, gasoline and gas turbines. Johnson Matthey offers the DAVY™ DME process, which uses methanol feed, as an extension to our methanol flowsheet.


Monoethylene glycol (MEG) process

Our new process using proprietary catalyst developed by Johnson Matthey and East­man enables the production of MEG from methanol via formaldehyde. This offers a unique and exciting opportunity for methanol and/or formaldehyde pro­ducers who are interested in diversifying their product slate.


New processes

Expansion of our DAVY™ process portfolio is a key element of our business strategy, and this is accomplished by a combination of in-house developments, acquisition and collaborative programmes.


De-aromatisation catalysts

Depending on feedstock, operating conditions and desired end product specification, our experienced technical specialists will advise you on the most appropriate HTC type - or a combination thereof.