Pi-allyl palladium complex 

Johnson Matthey’s proprietary pi-allyl palladium complexes are state-of-the-art catalyst technologies engineered for superior catalytic activity across a broad range of cross-coupling applications. The pi-allyl scaffold design enables rapid generation of highly active Pd-phosphine catalytic species under basic or reducing conditions without inhibitory byproduct formation.

Advantages of pi-allyl complexes:

  • The air and moisture-stable pi-allyl complex products are offered as neutral chloride or cationic triflate complexes, enabling compatibility with the broadest scope of phosphine ligands to date.
  • Tri-alkyl-phosphines, bidentate phosphines and even bulky, electron rich advanced generation Buchwald ligands can be accommodated by the versatile pi-allyl scaffold (1).
  • Pi-allyl palladium complex technology has been shown to be superior to other pre-catalyst systems for Buchwald-Hartwig aminations and Suzuki-Miyaura couplings (1,2).

Triflate pi-allyl palladium complex products

[tBuXPhos Pd(allyl)]OTf
Product number: Pd-174
CAS number: 1798782-25-8
Mol weight: 721.21
Reaction type: C-X
[Me₃OMetBuXPhos Pd(allyl)]OTf
Product number: Pd-216
CAS number: 2924017-86-5
Mol weight: 793.32
Reaction type: C-C
[tBuBrettPhos Pd(allyl)]OTf
Product number: Pd-175
CAS number: 1798782-02-1
Mol weight: 781.26
Reaction type: C-X
[BrettPhos Pd(crotyl)]OTf
Product number: Pd-173
CAS number: 1798782-11-2
Mol weight: 847.36
Reaction type: C-X
[SPhos Pd(allyl)]OTf
Product number: Pd-191
CAS number: 1798782-25-8
Mol weight: 707.09
Reaction type: C-C
[BippyPhos Pd(allyl)]OTf
Product number: Pd-180 
CAS number: 146558-62-0
Mol weight: 803.19
Reaction type: C-C
[RockPhos Pd(allyl)]OTf
Product number: Pd-215
CAS number: 1798782-31-6
Mol weight: 756.26
Reaction type: C-X
[Me₄tBuXPhos Pd(allyl)]OTf
Product number: Pd-214
CAS number: 1798782-29-2
Mol weight: 777.32
Reaction type: C-X

Chloride pi-allyl palladium complex products

[PdCl (allyl)]₂
Product number: Pd-110
CAS number: 12012-95-2
Mol weight: 365.89
Reaction type: C-C, C-N
XantPhos Pd(allyl) Cl
Product number: Pd-177
CAS number: 879689-28-8
Mol weight: 761.57
Reaction type: C-C, carbonylation
XPhos Pd(crotyl)Cl
Product number: Pd-170 
CAS number: 879689-47-1
Mol weight: 890.56
Reaction type: C-C
AmPhos Pd(crotyl)Cl
Product number: Pd-161 
CAS number: 1334497-06-1
Mol weight: 462.35
Reaction type: C-C
P(tBu₃) Pd(crotyl)Cl
Product number: Pd-162 
CAS number: 1334497-00-5
Mol weight: 399.29
Reaction type: C-C
SPhos Pd(crotyl)Cl
Product number: Pd-172 
CAS number: 1798781-99-3
Mol weight: 607.51
Reaction type: C-C
RuPhos Pd(crotyl)Cl
Product number: Pd-171 
CAS number: 1798781-96-0
Mol weight: 663.62
Reaction type: C-C
P(Cy)₃ Pd(crotyl)Cl
Product number: Pd-178 
CAS number: 307494-95-7
Mol weight: 477.41
Reaction type: C-C
[(R)-BINAP Pd(allyl)]Cl
Product number: Pd-176 
CAS number: 879689-47-1
Mol weight: 890.56
Reaction type: C-C
JohnPhos Pd(crotyl)Cl
Product number: Pd-189
CAS number: 1798782-05-4
Mol weight: 495.38
Reaction type: C-C
P(o-Tol)₃ Pd(crotyl)Cl
Product number: Pd-181
CAS number: 1385042-42-1
Mol weight: 501.34
Reaction type: C-C
CyJohnPhos Pd(crotyl)Cl
Product number: Pd-188 
CAS number: 692782-19-7
Mol weight: 547.46
Reaction type: C-C

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