Dipen Pandya

Development Chemist

Dipen Pandya

Key facts

Joined JM

November 2016


Site based at



Sector experience

Efficient Natural Resources 


"There’s an innovative and collaborative culture that inspires me to work towards tackling some of the world’s largest problems."

My journey so far

When I first started at JM, I spent my first couple of weeks shadowing others in my team and learning my new role. From there on, I became more independent, working in the lab but still following the instructions of management. Once I’d been in the role for a few months, I was able to make suggestions and have more of an input. And as my general knowledge of the business has grown, I’ve had the opportunity to learn how to work towards the bigger picture.

JM has a worldwide reputation and world class facilities backing a highly skilled workforce. 
We continually invest in R&D and focus on the use of sustainable technologies that have a great beneficial impact on the world. My job, which involves the refining and recycling of pgms, has become more important in recent years as natural resources continue to diminish, and I enjoy contributing to creating a sustainable future. I’m also able to see some of my lab work being used on a larger scale, and it’s rewarding to know that my work is valued and appreciated.

I work with some fantastic people who make the organisation what it is. 
The company truly has the feel of a small tight knit unit despite the fact that JM employs 14,000 people. There’s an incredibly diverse group of people who work at the company, but they all have one thing in common: they are excellent at what they do. What I’ve found most surprising is how knowledgeable they are.

Johnson Matthey is a company on the up. 
The excellence JM has shown in the last 200 years has set the precedent for what is to come. Plus, there’s an innovative and collaborative culture that inspires me to work towards tackling some of the world’s largest problems. The best advice I can give new starters is: don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is always willing to share their thoughts, offer support and help you progress in any way they can.

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