We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint and conserving scarce mineral resources through our manufacturing choices. 


We are committed to protecting the ecosystems around our sites and minimising all our potentially harmful interactions.

Minimise our environmental footprint


Circularity is an essential part of the net zero transition, and as the world’s largest secondary PGM refiner we will play a crucial role in securing the metal needed to supply existing and future demand.

Conserve scarce resources

Read more about our sustainability performance in the 2023/24 Annual Report

Product life cycle analysis

Product life cycle analysis (LCA) is an important way in which we can demonstrate how the environmental benefits of our products outweigh the impact of making them in the first place. We are committed to making cradle-togate LCAs of our products available to our customers on request.

We also contribute to the International Platinum Group Metals Association (IPA)'s publicly available industry standard LCA for the five platinum group metals – Pt, Pd, Rh, Ir and Ru – which is updated annually to ISO 14001 standards.

See Methanol Technology LCA

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