87.3 %
R&D spend contributing to four priority UN SDGs
84.7 %
sales from products contributing to our four priority UN SDGs

A vision for a cleaner, healthier world

Have you ever wondered how our planet can sustain modern, healthy lifestyles for a growing population? Have you thought about how the way we travel, heat our homes and use natural resources will have to change to meet the ambitious net zero carbon emissions targets that so many governments and companies are making? Or how we might create a fairer society for all in a post-COVID-19 world – a world in which businesses use their skills and scale to ‘build back better’? We have.

By drawing on our deep expertise in the transformative power of metals chemistry, built over 200 years, we've already been solving some of the world's toughest challenges, from enabling cleaner air to improving health and using our planet's natural resources more efficiently. 

And now, our skills are needed more than ever as we help our customers and our own business adapt processes and products to reach the sustainability goals that our planet and society are depending on.

Our sustainability framework and targets

Our goals are set out under three pillars:

 Products and services 

This is where we will have the greatest impact in accelerating progress towards a cleaner, healthier world.


We are also tackling the environmental footprint of our own operations.


We need the right people in our company and value chain to achieve this, and we will treat them and our communities in an ethical and respectful manner.

Read more about our goals, targets and performance against these pillars below.

Sustainability pillars

Sustainability news

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Sustainability 28 Jan 2022