Embedding sustainability into everything we do

We are a global leader in sustainable technologies. Through inspiring science and continued innovation, we are catalysing the net zero transition for millions of people every day.

Our skills and technologies are important today as businesses and communities adapt to the challenges of climate change. But advancing sustainability isn’t just about our portfolio of technologies, it’s also about our own operations, how we work together and hold ourselves accountable for our impacts on society.

A new focus on our core material topics

This year, the whole of Johnson Matthey has been making changes to become a more customer-facing, commercially-minded and agile business with the strategy simplify, focus, execute.

To support this, in partnership with an independent third party, we refreshed our materiality assessment to ensure that our sustainability strategy, goals and targets are focussed both on our biggest impacts on society and those areas of most importance
to our stakeholders.

We benchmarked our existing strategy against industry ESG standards, legislation requirements and sector peers. 

As a result, we reorganised our existing sustainability goals and targets for 2030 under new themes to better articulate the most material benefits that we believe we can bring to society. We increased the ambition in our climate-related 2030 targets to focus and align them better with our company purpose.

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